Nature's Gift 


We love bees! Our honey bees are not only providing pollination for the orchard but also producing pure natural honey. Come and taste honey as it should be: pure.

Apple Pie

Taste of Home, period. Come and enjoy it while apple picking in our farm, or order online.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Our apple cider vinegar is as pure as it gets. The health benefits of apple cider vinegar are well known and this product is better than medicine. And you don't need prescription for it

Cold Pressed Apple Cider

Our Cider is not only our our pride and joy, but it's also are a huge crowd pleaser for every type of taste bud in your family. 

Our Products

Perfect Red Onions

Perfect for all of your salads and hamburgers this season, our onions are sure to knock your socks off. Gifted with a crunch and a touch of sweetness our onions give you something to talk about. 

Green Beans

OK, they’re not just gorgeous, our green beans are also delicious, organic and simple to use. Just wait until you try it!

Snappy Wild Asparagus

Our asparagus is a perfect side dish for your summertime BBQ. There sure to send smiles around your table like you’ve never experienced with such a versatile vegetable. 


Our orchard has been established almost 100 years ago. We are committed to continue the tradition and to  provide a pick your own apples experience in the community.